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Donald A. Taylor Safety Consulting LLC

Trusted Colleague - 35 Years of Safety Experience - Serving Insurance, Legal and Business Communities

My experience and knowledge of accident investigation enables my clients (Plaintiff and Defendant) to render sound advice and assist them in anticipation of future claims. I have extensive understanding of investigations, collecting factual information, providing accident analysis, assessing organization training compliance and conducting detailed analysis. My mission is to utilize my many years of safety experience and knowledge of safety regulations to provide practical and efficient resolutions to safety inquiries, and offer useful, insightful and collaborative consulting. 




Investigated, analyzed, or reconstructed over 10,000 accidents and injuries and numerous fatality/serious accident investigations. I had direct involvement investigating accidents related to delivery trucks, tractor trailers, and cargo vans. Direct participation investigating accidents in warehouse settings involving serious injuries linked to machinery and large equipment. Provided reliable service and guidance for post-accident investigation and analysis. 

Audits and Assessments

Completed audits to ensure enterprise maintained regulatory compliance. Review organization safety policies and procedures to industry standards. Identified deficiencies and at-risk behaviors, and presented recommendations to minimize exposure.

Education and Training

Widespread knowledge assessing enterprise primary training requirements. Provide appraisal and advice regarding safety analysis and forecasting of accident frequencies and accident investigation training. Provided valuable guidance and interpretation of FMCSA CSA BASIC scoring, individual BASIC thresholds, training and Data Q reduction strategies. My experience in FMCSA CSA intervention helped minimize potential citations and fines.

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